Sunday, April 4, 2010

These Three Guys Are Related

We've all heard of musical families, right?  The Carter Family, The Nelsons, The Marsalis brothers, and many more.

This one may be a bit of a surprise, unless you're really into music (and I know you are, which makes this so fun).

three musicians, all cousins, all about the same age, all learned to play on a piano that their respective families mortgaged their homes to buy.  And all have a similar style.

First, Jerry Lee Lewis.  Who doesn't know ol' Jerry Lee, one of the founders of rock and roll?

Man, I need to cool off after that.  But not with this guy, Jerry Lee's cousin Mickey Gilley.

I was once in Mickey Gilley's saloon in Fort Worth.  I was in Dallas on business, had an evening free, and wanted to see where urban Cowboy had been filmed. It was the twenty scariest minutes of my life.  Fights, smashed bottles, mechanical bull riding, tobacco spitting, swearing; and that was just the cowgirls.  I vamoosed.

And now the third cousin.............Jimmy Swaggart, the evangelical preacher of some repute.  Try has ol' Jimmy may, there's some of the family boogie woogie in hiskeyboard, even at service.  Watch for the riffs beginning at about :25 into the vid.

Whoever taught them did a fine job.  Except for that thing about how to treat women.  that was a disaster for all three.

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