Thursday, August 5, 2010


Not what you're thinking. Sgt. Pepper had long ago taught the band to play. No, it was twenty years ago today when my father passed away. He was 64 and that seemed "youngish" to me at age 38. Now that I'm 58, it seems positively early!

The photo is the 18 year old version at Great Lakes Naval base outside of Chicago. I'm assuming it is his "graduation" photo after completing boot camp.

Dan Fogelberg wrote a song for his father which I've always liked due to the theme. Fogelberg once said that, if he had only written one song in his life, this would have been it. So, in addition to prayers, I offer the song on this anniversary. I will also offer a toast later in the day. If you'd like to tip a glass to his memory, we'd both be appreciative. BTW, his favorite was Chivas Regal. :)


  1. I made a mistake in posting a little early. The date of his death is August 6, not August 5.

  2. My brother went through basic training at Great Lakes in the late 70s before being stationed in San Diego. He's coming out next week for the first time in more than 30 years. Where did your dad go after basic?

    I'm making a G&T right now (sorry no Chivas) and make a toast to him.

  3. I'll toast to your dad today for sure, Bob. And I love that song! It's great to have a little connection with it now. Thanks!

  4. Thanks, Bruce. I'm not sure of the order but he spent time in Groton, CT. A buddy was from NYC and they would head into the city each weekend. Strange that he would have anything to do w/ subs since he was nearly 6'2". He was scheduled for the invasion of Japan. When Truman ended the war, he spent 9 months in Honolulu as an SP.

  5. When Truman ended the war

    And boy did he ever. Good thing your dad never had to invade the home islands of Japan. The moral relativists never bring that kinda thing up.

  6. Thanks, Darcy.

    Bruce: My HS class was 200 in number. When I was a junior, the entire class watched a movie re: the Enola Gay and the bomb. I was sitting in the back row. When the mushroom cloud rose over Hiroshima on the screen, I looked around the room and wondered how many of us would not have been there without that horrible bomb. I'm guessing the percentage of missing classmates would have been pretty high -- including me.

  7. A toast to your dad, Bob. Thanks for that post - it reminded me of my father who also completed basic training at Great Lakes.

    He finished basic in 1942; having enlisted a few days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He shipped to Guadalcanal a few months later.