Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Kid You Not...

True story.

A friend (no, it wasn't me, I'd admit it!) was waiting in the foyer of a fancy restaurant for her table with friends. She was wearing a pair of slacks that were dry clean only. Well, you know, you try to get a couple of wearings out of them, right? So she's standing there and one of the guys in her group says, "What's that sticking out of your pants?". She looks, and it's the foot of a pair of pantyhose left inside her pants. Embarrassed, she tugs really hard on the pantyhose, hoping to yank them out quickly and tuck them away.

Well, she does yank them out quickly. But so forcefully, the pantyhose fly up into the ceiling fan above her head and proceed to get all impossibly tangled there! :)


  1. Oh your poor friend.
    So explain how pantyhose got inside the dry-clean only slacks. Do women really undress that way?

  2. Now that would be hard to live down. For a long time.