Saturday, March 6, 2010

Your Spot In The Sun...

Find it.


  1. Is that Roxy? What a beautiful dog. No wonder you miss her.

    Labs are the most loyal and intelligent of dogs. When mine was alive, I was convinced that it could speak English, but wasn't doing so just to tease me. I'm sure that that dog could have balanced my checkbook, if only it could have held a pencil.

  2. Oh! The comment disappeared. LOL.

    No, that's not Roxy, but it looks like her a little? I just googled random dog in the sun.

    But I agree with you about Labs. Soooo smart. Roxy figured out how to get my hair clips off the stair railing because she hated them. You know, the kind with the spring in it that look like teeth that clamp on your hair? She hated them because Kenny would tease her with them. So she figured out how to turn her head sideways and squeeze the clip together to get it off the railing.

    Smart girl. :D

  3. What an adorable story about your dog Roxy. I had a dog named Samantha (she was named after Bewitched). She was never that smart, but just as lovable. And I know what it must have been like at the end and for your son too.

    May you bask in the warmth of good memories of her!