Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New York, New York

Since we're into posting videos of famous songs done by other people, and because I was just listening to this on my iPod and mostly because I saw Cat Power (w/Chan Marshall) perform this nearly 2 years ago at San Diego Street Scenes, but also because it has cool trippy visuals that Michael "Purple" Haz can appreciate--here we go with: New York, New York:

This also goes out to amba and also to Jason (the commenter) who both used to live in New York City.


  1. Sorry about the ending-a couple seconds seem to be cut off.

  2. Very cool. Her voice is interesting - she sounds like someone I've heard before, but I don't remember who.

    Ah wait. Listen to the phrasing. Jim Morrison.

  3. Ah wait. Listen to the phrasing. Jim Morrison.

    I hear a Manzarek-like organ riffing. But I don't hear it in her. You must be stuck in the '60's like Trooper York. :)

  4. Well thanks honey, that's awfully nice of you!