Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is There a Mafia Behind the Mafia?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Imagine this: There is a higher layer of mafia than the mafia we are familiar with.  The Genoveses, Gottis, Lanskys and other dons and families are actually controlled by a very secret small group of Sicilianos who are never in the picture.  These guys settle disputes, arrange for "leaders" to be taken down or framed when they stop taking orders.  They set strategy, call the shots, without ever being traced.

And they are so secret that even the FBI has never been able to bust any of them, nor even capture a photo for its agents to use.

Maybe they exist; maybe they don't.  But the author of this book believes that he has the evidence that they are real.  Sucker that I am, I ordered the book. And the DVD so I can hear the author's voice.

Real or not, what do you think?  Sounds like a "judge the boobs" question, doesn't it?  We'll find out if I am a boob for buying the book.


  1. I'm fascinated by the mafia, truly. Loved "The Sopranos" and every good mafia movie, of course.

    This wouldn't surprise me at all. I think I'll buy the book too!

  2. Never been a mafia guy.

    But I suspect, in a startling twist, the power behind the throne is a small group of right-leaning bloggers.

  3. Doh! I should have seen through it. Blake's got the right answer - it's the consigliere conservatives who are behind the mafia.

  4. I had a job during college at small grocery store on State St. The store was “family” owned. Part of the job entailed keeping an eye out for shoplifters (I once chased a vagrant who stole some lunch meat. When he picked up a rock, I picked up a stick, it was good thing the authorities showed up).

    Anyways, nights shifts were always the best at the store. I got to meet this guy. He was "related". He used to come in and shoplift. We were told not to apprehend him but rather just take note of what he took. Looking back, I realized that this all may have been him testing us-checking whether we were on the ball for the family.

  5. The book has arrived, and I began reading it last night. Very interesting, and I won't say more in case Darcy buys it.

  6. I finally finished reading the book! Well worth the price and the time. I think you'll enjoy it, especially the parts about Hoffa, Kennedy and Kennedy.