Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whoa Dude!

It's still winter.  It's dreary here.  Bah.

I thought that what I needed to cheer me up was a YouTube trip to the beach so I could dig some surfer music. I'm hep with the chicks and surfer dudes, ya know daddio. 

I didn't want some of that sappy Beach Boy music this morning; I wanted something with an edge.  I wanted Dick Dale.  You know Dick Dale, don't you?  No?  Huh? What are you, a commie?  Or worse, from Illinois?

Dick Dale is the inventor of surfing music.  He is called the King of Surf music by other musicians.  He is also known as having the fastest fingers in music because of the way he plays guitar.  It isn't unusual for his fingers to bleed during a concert. He plays the skin off of them.

Where wuz  I?  Oh yeah, the music.  I hunted around my house and couldn't find any Dick Dale CDs, so I sniffed around YouTube for a while. Found some good stuff.  This one I especially like because not only does it have Dick Dale, but also Stevie Ray Vaughn.  Plus, and get this, appearances by Gilligan, The Skipper, The Beaver, Wally Cleaver, David Hasselhoff, and my fave Mousketeer Annette Funicello.  *Drifts off to boyhood fantasyland at mention of Annette Funicello*

Pipeline! Get your Frug on!

Here's Dick Dale and a drummer. No one else.  I sounds like two, maybe three guitars.  There is only one.

You wish you played that well. So do I. 

Now get back to work.  America is counting on you.  I'm at the beach.


  1. Ooh! Ron would love this! Another person to send an email to!

    Thanks, Michael.

  2. I understand that Ron has an extensive collection of Dale memorabilia.
    Dick Dale lives out in the desert now, just outside of Palm Springs. Here is his website. He's got a young son who is carrying on the carrying on. :)