Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Some of us thought we could use a gathering place to converse beyond the 140 character limits in other places.

So...welcome friends.


  1. Thanks! I love the graphic, but it needs tweaking.

  2. Darcy, thanks for setting up this blog.

    The graphic, upon close scrutiny, appears to be entirely male dogs. That is contrary to the blog's composition, so some surgery is in order.

    Yow. Trans-gendered dogs as my first post.

    Has anyone seen Pogo? He doesn't seem to be around as frequently as he was in the past. he'd be in interesting member. As would Pete Terranova.

  3. I think it was Jesus who said that typos would be with us always?

  4. Better late than never.
    Whose idea was this? It was a good one.
    Will there be any posts or just a string of comments until we hit 200?

    Don't worry about typos Michael unless (a) they make something ambiguous or (2) inject humor.

    Pogo has been around AA- he was there today.

  5. Hi ya, El Pollo!

    And you're welcome, Michael, but I believe this little gathering place was your idea from a while ago. 'Twas nothin', setting it up!

    I'd like to invite everyone we know mutually who has an interest to be an author - that okay with everyone? I'd need emails for a few like Jason, Randy and Pete for example. I have Amba and reader's emails.

    I would have invited everyone already, just hesitated a little, not wanting anyone to feel it a burden somehow?

  6. Oh please can I be the Dalmation wearing glasses in the middle?

  7. Hee. I'm in love with that pic! It's just perfect for us, I think. Hope I don't get in trouble for snatching it off Google images.

    Love the (Rottweiler?) with the pearls. And, if they weren't all males, I'd be the one with the baseball cap, of course!

  8. I didn't examine closely, but this is what I've been told. Maybe I should blur the lower parts! :)

  9. So what are the rules for contributing submissions? Can I have somebody edit mine for embarassing typos before it hits the sticky webs?

  10. Post whatever you'd like, and sure, if I see something, I'll edit it. I can edit all posts. Thinking of making everyone admin like that.